Code of Conduct

Infinity^2 Code of Conduct


The Infinity^2 Staff would like to take this moment to welcome you on your gaming journey. Our community provides a place for people everywhere to indulge in their inner gamer. We all play a wide variety of games and in some occasions have even hosted servers. Let us take a moment and recognize our Staff, they work hard and deserve your cooperation.

The current Staff Members are:

  • Cory1768 [Administrator]
  • Nib [Administrator]
  • GrimArkanis [Administrator]
  • Crazymajor [Moderator]

We are huge proponents of free speech and strongly believe that in order to advance as individuals, we must debate topics. Sometimes these topics can be quite sensitive to individual(s). We ask that when participating in this sort of discourse that you do not harass participants in any form. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. We want this to be a fun and pleasant experience for everyone.

General Rules:

  • Be easy with the Staff, they have a tough job maintaining the community. If they ask you not to do something, please simply apologize and agree not to do it. Do not harass them on their decision (except to politely ask for clarification or explanation). If you feel a Staff member is acting out of line, do not hesitate to refer to the “Reporting” section.
  • Treat everyone with respect and be polite. In times of debate you can respectfully disagree without lowering one’s self to name calling or other types of disrespectful communications.
  • No adult content, we try to keep this in the realms of PG16 as some of our members may be young. Please keep this content off any official community channels, the Staff encourages the use of private chats for this sort of sharing.
  • We are mostly all Geeks and Gamers here, so it is appreciated that no plotlines be spoiled for the community. Please mark these posts with the spoiler tags. You can do this by highlighting the text in your message, right-clicking, and selecting "Mark as spoiler", or by putting two | on both sides of the content to hide.
  • Do not spam by aggressively tagging people or by constantly promoting content. It is fine to share things, but that same content does not need to shared multiple times. If you are afraid the content will get pushed far back in Discords history, then the Website might be leveraged for this sort of content.
  • Do not share cracked or malicious content. The Staff does not always have the time to check files being posted. If it is found that you are knowingly sharing malicious content then action will be taken. Likewise, it is good practice to not download everything you see.
  • Incitement of violence towards any individual, including encouraging a person to engage in self-harm, will not be tolerated.
  • Sustained disruption of discussion. Although we recognize that many different conversations will be happening at the same time and on the same channel, we ask that you do not deliberately disrupt them.

Logs and Records:

Please be mindful that things you say, it may at some point become public. The Staff cannot prevent people from screen scrapping or copying and pasting from this server, furthermore we cannot guarantee that every member's login credentials and devices are secure. Files uploaded here can be downloaded by anyone in the community. Please exercise caution and refrain from sharing sensitive information that could harm you or others if it became public. Always ask yourself this simple question “Would I say this type of information out loud in a crowded room?”, if the answer is no, then you should refrain from posting it.

Discord Specific
All messages sent across Community Channels are retained forever by Discord. This cannot be removed unless our Community Discord Server is deleted. At any time, anyone in the Community can scroll through channels and read chat history, please be mindful of this. Personal Discord account details are not maintained by Staff, if your Discord account is breached then you need to speak with Discord.

This type of message history is useful when dealing with disagreements and will be used. All actions Staff members perform are logged and monitored in a separate Administrator only log.

Website Specific
Administrators and Moderators can ensure content is removed on request, though most members of the Community are able to delete their own threads, posts, and other types of content. The Staff has complete control on how long content is stored and maintained.

The website logs user detail changing activities as well as Moderator activities. This type of logging is important for the forum to function as well as catching malicious intent.


If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact the Staff. They will respond as promptly as they can.

We will respect confidentiality requests for the purpose of protecting individuals as best as we can.

If you have concerns about a Staff Member, please direct them to the Community Owner, Cory1768.


Individuals will be asked to stop any adverse behavior and are expected to comply immediately.

If a participant engages in adverse behavior, the Staff may take any action or actions they deem appropriate, up to and including ban from this Community.

  • Warning
  • Content Deletion
  • Mute
  • Ban