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Sep 6, 2020

Roses are red​

“Be My Valentine” Card Contest Entry by Shakes
“Be My Valentine” Card Contest Entry by Shakes

From Stanton With Love

As with most holidays in the ‘verse, Coramor is the 2951-equivalent of something we celebrate today. Just like our Valentine’s Day, citizens show loved ones they care by giving gifts, sending cards, and remembering the story of long-lost lovers separated by trillions of miles following a collapsed deep-space jump point… Well, maybe not just like our Valentine’s Day.

Read on for everything you need to know about Coramor in the ‘verse. And remember, our card contest is still open but closes soon, so get your entries in before Friday morning for the chance to win heart-seeking prizes!

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The void is dark blue​


Anything For My Coramor​

A holiday all about love, Coramor is traditionally observed on February 11 and is usually represented by the colors pink and black. It was inspired by the tale of Yuri and Cora, two lovers separated by the collapse of Oretani’s only jump point. Heartbroken, Yuri sent Cora’s parents emotional daily comms chronicling his attempts to find another way into Ortani. On 02/11/2486, he sent a comm that was mostly unintelligible except for “…anything for Cora… amor…” Yuri was never heard from again.

A popular late 25th-century vid dramatized the story and inspired people to celebrate love on the day. The vid’s highly romanticized ending has Yuri making it through a jump to Oretani. He reunites with Cora, but his ship is so damaged that the nav data to return them home to the UEE is lost. The vid, titled Coramor, popularized more than the holiday’s name – Yuri’s black ship with pink accents inspired the colors now associated with the holiday. The vid even altered Yuri’s final known words to the now-famous phrase, “Anything for my Coramor.”

On Coramor, it’s typical to send romantic comms and gifts to your paramour. Lovers not in the same system often make plans to celebrate together by scheduling romantic trips around the holiday, making Coramor one of the empire’s busiest travel days. Unattached Citizens looking for love often send comms into the vast void of space, addressed to a potential ‘Coramor’ waiting somewhere in the endless black. Those that have lost loved ones often send messages to their departed sweethearts, reflecting upon their time together.

Head over to the Galactapedia for the full Coramor article.

these ships are beauties, and so are you!​


A Place To Find Love​

It’s time to take the next step and make your partner your co-pilot. Take a look at our ‘best for two’ selection, including the luxurious Origin 85x and versatile MISC Reliant series, and visit the most romantic places in the ‘verse together.

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